kim consideration


To enjoy our time together,

You must be freshly showered, be well groomed and please have a minty breath.

Please have my Gratuity already counted and placed in plane site on a counter top, a envelope is not necessary.


Please have this done before my arrival. Or if it’s an in call once you enter please place it on the nearest surface,



I should not have to ask for my Gratuity.



Please never talk about money or discuss any sexual acts, not before or during our date.


On the phone, in person, e-mail or any other manner afterwards.


If you would like to extend our time together you must settle the difference of the additional fees for the extended time.




How to Negotiate our time!

kim consideration


Please again, do not discuss the amount of money paid or attempt to negotiate the price of the extended time.

This is why it is important to make yourself familiar with the details on this website and clearly specify which service engagements you prefer to extend.


Also please be conscious of the time. I would hate to be the one to alert you that our time has ended. A considerate gentleman knows when his time is up or asks to extend his time. I look forward in meeting you soon.








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