Private Vacation Getaway's

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Available for Private Vacation Getaways

Contact me for specific packages to fit your special needs!

Advanced Reservations with Deposits:

The mailing address is provided for those of you who wish to submit your deposits through mail.

It is very safe and discreet should this be your method of choice. Other methods are available.


Cash and money orders made out to:


Kim Eternity

642 Palomar Street
Suite 406 #237
Chula Vista Ca 91911


E-mail me for more payment options


Deposits: 20% advance deposits required for all bookings
Deposits are required at the time of scheduling to confirm your reservation.


This is non-refundable.



If cancellations are made one week before your reservation, a full refund can be expected. If cancellations are made less than one week, a 50% refund can be expected.


If cancellations are made within 24 hours, no refunds are given but rescheduling is always permitted and encouraged for a later time.


Exclusive packages are available for extended travel. 


A 4-hour minimum reservation is required for exclusive out of state travel to you. These contributions do not include travel costs.



There is no travel costs incurred for travel within the US, however travel abroad is an additional expense and negotiated before a final confirmation is considered.


In some cases separate accommodations may be required. This will also be negotiated before final confirmation is considered.


Extras are considered as normal expenses occurred on an outing.


Tips are never required but are greatly appreciated. These extras are very appreciated and your generosity is never forgotten and is rewarded in numerous ways. All extra come with a CD slide show of photos of me.


Taken by you during our time together.


Contributions exchanged are for my exclusive personal services only.


Anything else that may transpire is a matter of personal preference.


Choice and preference between two consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, requested to be contracted for, or compensated for in any other manner.


This is not an offer for prostitution! You must be 21 years or older to utilize my services. Positive ID is required and will be verified.


I reserve the right to decline any appointment I deem necessary.


And Please NO soliciting of any kind.


A one-time screening process is required for new friends, but you can greatly expedite this process by completing the information below.


Your privacy is of paramount importance to me, and the information you provide will not be shared with anyone or used for any other purposes.



VIP’s: For those gentlemen of notable high-profile status who are interested in a date with me but are uncomfortable with providing this information, please feel free to e-mail me and I will give you a personal number where you can reach me.